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SolopreneurCLUB Business Club

Build Your Knowledge, Build Your Business Network, Build Your Business, Build Your Profit!

SolopreneurCLUB is a business coaching and networking group where like-minded business owners can interact with their peers and build strategic alliances. You will learn from your coach and each other, discuss business plans, successes and challenges. The ideal group to hone your professional skills and improve your education.

SolopreneurCLUB Business Networking

Members can actively network for your business, so it’s just like a sales team of 8-25 people that costs your business nothing!


By joining your local SolopreneurCLUB, you’re taking a important step towards generating new contacts. These are like-minded business people who will help you to grow your business.


At these business networking events you’ll learn everything from marketing your business, right through to increasing your sales.


Learn the details of a new business growth strategy and how to apply this every session, either in the form of a profit strategy or a systems strategy. Whilst also learning through brainstorming with other business owners about business issues.


The SolopreneurCLUB programme serves a wide range of industry categories. Including mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants, bookkeepers, estate agents, printers, computer and IT professionals, Fitness/Wellness, Retailers, Plumbers, Electricians and Designers. As well as insurance agents and brokers, recruitment professionals and web developers. Contact us to get started with SolopreneurCLUB today!

You will be coached to implement strategies for…

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Communication

  • Leverage

  • Team building

  • Telephone communication and sales

SolopreneurCLUB meets twice a month, come along and try your first taster session with us for FREE! If you then appreciate the benefits and are serious about growing your business, for a monthly investment of £145 + VAT you will receive two 90 minute group coaching sessions per month at which you will learn how to own and grow a successful, profitable business.
Solopreneur Business club is not just about finding out what you need to do – you will leave this programme knowing how to do what you need to do in order to get ahead!


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