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The biggest results of working with ActionCOACH has been improving the profit. We were originally making a loss of £70K and turned it around to a profit of £300K – Bruce Mitchell Managing Director.

After losing a few large clients and struggling to take the business to the next level, Bruce decided to get ActionCOACH involved in the business. The company started to see results pretty quickly after hiring an ActionCOACH. Two years on and they have seen real improvements in the company performance. Alongside the profit gains, net sales has increased by 86%. They also managed to increase the team with 8 additional new members and are on target to hit their goal of £1.6M turnover.


ActionCOACH has allowed me to have a better understanding of business and where 418 Creative Marketing is going. – Russ Keyte, Co-Director

If it wasn’t for ActionCOACH, 418 would have continued to plod along doing the same day-in-day. Russ thought he had a business but reality was, they were just working for themselves. Now they’ve got the team and structure of the business to a great place.

ActionCOACH has allowed me to realise my full potential and my business’ full potential.  – Clive Bates, Managing Director

Focusing on the 90-day plan has enabled Clive to have a clear structure of the business and the direction to where it is a heading, the 90-day plan is also bringing in the results. The business has recruited four new team members and the turnover has increased by £200k in the last year. The gross profit has risen in the region of £40k and a net profit of £30k.

”ActionCOACH has allowed me to enjoy my business again” – Melanie Langley Managing Director, Oliver Myles Events.

Before taking ActionCOACH on board they had a very narrow structure with the lead generations. Since working with ActionCOACH, they have been improving the leads which have made a difference. They are now able to look at converting the leads, margins and everything else. There has been a shift with the negative stress to positive work stress. ”Stress from being busy” as Melanie says.

Natasha Necati, Business Development Director of Crafty Arts states their business was doing well however, they could be doing better. Since having ActionCOACH onboard, they have helped to identify pitfalls within the business that weren’t thought of before.
The business is now 40% up on sales and a lot of that has to do with the strategies and planning systems that have been put in place.