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Bringing The Spark Back Into The Business

We wouldn’t be here today in this office if it wasn’t for ActionCOACH, we would be doing this interview in my log cabin. ActionCOACH has been brilliant I cannot rave enough to people about it – Phil Houlder, Managing Director


When Phil started his business in a cabin office from the back of his house, the business was losing money gradually over 2 and a half years from not knowing the numbers. They were losing between £1k – £2k a month before ActionCOACH, now they are making between £8k – £11k net profit each month. The turnover has increased 3 times since having an ActionCOACH and is still increasing.

ActionCOACH has allowed Phil and his business:

Turn a loss-making business to profit

Allow Phil to reduce the working hours from 70+ to around 45/50

Personal development

An increased team from 3 to 18 employees

Spend evenings with family

The future is looking bright for Glenfield Electricals as they are looking to expand the business and open up a second branch!


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